Competitions are the heart of all sports. Sports M8 platform centers around the competition.

This article is targeted at the competition member, for the administration of a competition click here.


A competition within the SportsM8 platform is a single tournament or season long competition. The competition is associated to a single venue or entity, sometimes referred to as association in some sports.

In some sports they may run competitions over multiple venues, but within SportsM8 we would consider the venue a competition, but ultimately it comes down to how the venue/competition is administered. If it is independent of the other venue, or even parts of the administration is independent, then we would suggest it be a separate competition within SportsM8. Using our Entity hierarchy, future releases of SportsM8 will provide governance at an entity level allowing easy oversight of multiple competitions.


Finding and joining a competition

For guidance on joining and registering in a competition read the Match Official article.

Parents/Guardians and Multiple member profiles per competition

Parents/Guardians can register their child in a competition under their same SportsM8 account. For further details please see the Parents/Guardians section.