SportsM8 has a rich set of capabilities and features that allow the platform to scale from the most basic of competitions through to the largest in the world. The features below are organized by persona and purpose.

Administration & Coordination

Feature Description
Match Official Database Collect and manage the Match Official Database across competitions. Control what data is able to be entered, updated and visible to match officials. Includes the collection of payment information.
Match Official Availability Management Collect and report on the availability of your match officials to enhance the proactive completion of appointments and importantly identify any competition days/nights where available match officials is below required
Match Official Appointments Easily enter and update match appointments. Leverage the built in error checks to look for availability conflicts or other common errors in appointments.
Appointment Acknowledgement Easily identify if a match official has acknowledged their appointment (confirmed receipt). Can also enable the ability for match officials to report a conflict with the appointment.
Intelligent Match Appointments A proven time saver across all competition sizes, from the smallest affiliates to the worlds largest competitions. Easily appoint match officials based on an established profile of their division suitability/preference. Takes the time and headache away from the bulk processing of match officials and needing to manually check availability. Allows you to focus your efforts on the human element of the appointment process such as partnering with specific referees or teams for development opportunities.
Match Coach Appointments Easily appoint match official coaches to matches. Leverage the error checks for early identification of problems or conflicts. Use the provided reports to get an overview of where your coaches are being appointed.
Intelligent Coaching Appointments [Coming Soon!] Take the headache out of appointing coaches with an intelligent AI solution that will ensure that match officials are being equally observed by all coaches, and across multiple divisions. Allowing customized targeting as well to avoid wasting resources on individuals who are not interested in coaching. While targeted towards large scale competitions, as with Intelligent Match Appointments this will have great benefits at all competition sizes.
Match Coaching Feedback database Collect feedback on match officials from the coaches and easily search / report on this feedback. This assists with providing development plans and other programs to the match officials.

Administration & Finance

Feature Description
Customizable payment rules Highly adaptable payment rule system that can accommodate from the most basic of fixed rates through to very elaborate expressions. The expression can include number of match officials, match official profile info (e.g. badge levels), number of games officiated, division officiated, etc.
Match Payment processing Easily generate payments either manually per individual or through a payment run for a defined time period to match your finance payment schedules (e.g. fortnightly)
Match Payment Reporting Report on generated payments and export them to supported formats
Payment System Integrations Export the payments to a 3rd part platform
Emailed remittance advice Easily email your members detailed remittance advice of their payments

Match Officials (Referees)

Feature Description
Availability Each match official can easily enter their availability through a simple to use interface and return to make changes as required for any competition days (unless that day has been locked by competition coordinators)
Receive Appointment Each match official can easily view their appointments through their app login. Android users can receive push notifications when appointments are assigned (IOS users will receive this functionality when Apple release the next IOS version later this year)
Acknowledge Appointments Each match official can easily acknowledge the appointment and see which appointments they have acknowledged
Report an appointment conflict If enabled each match official can easily report a conflict with an appointment to inform the coordinators they need to be replaced (only prior to acknowledging the appointment)
Report on all match appointments Each match official can easily view a report of all their match appointments throughout the competition
Report on payment status Each match official can view the payment status of all their match appointments for easy tracking of payments throughout the competition
View coaching feedback Each match official can view any coaching feedback which has been entered (and made available to them). Allowing them an easy way to self-assess their progress and reflect back on any coaching points.

Match Official Coaches (Referee Coaches)

Feature Description
View coaching appointments Each match coach can view their appointed games, the referees they are coaching
View previous feedback (reporting) Each match coach can view previous feedback on match officials to enable continuity between coaches. This can also be leveraged for a wholistic view of an individuals progress when building out development plans.
View coaching payments Each match coach can view any payments made for their coaching appointments
Coaching Coordination The coach coordinator can easily appoint match coaches to matches.
Record feedback Each match coach, weather assigned to a match or not, can record feedback about an individual based on their observations
Customizable coaching feedback forms The feedback forms can be extended with customizable fields to allow for adaption to each competitions requirements
Control feedback visibility Each feedback record can be marked as visible or hidden to control if the match official should be able to view the feedback or not. Does not affect the visibility to other coaches. Under digital data protection law always assume everything could possibly be made visible to an individual upon their rights to request it.