What’s New

We are always adding new capabilities, enhancing existing features, and fixing any bugs. This page contains a summary of those releases across our the platform.

August 2023

  • Enchanced the registration field capabilities to allow for custom lists of text options. [feature #553]
    • Includes a fix for where the previous “Playing Team” list feature was only accessible once the member had registered into the competition
  • My Appointments will now include both Match Official and Match Official Coaching appointments. To enter feedback the coach must still go to the coaching portal. [feature #545]
  • Added the Playing Team Delegate role [feature #542]

July 2023

  • Ability to record changes to appointments as a Missed Appointment against an individual match official [feature #545]
  • Each match official is assigned a “Reliability Index” score based on the completed and recorded missed appointments. This score is provided across several reports including the Availability vs Appointment report. [feature #545]

April 2023

  • Optimized the authentication and security [feature #491]
  • Improved 3rd party integration with support for new draw data structures [feature #492]
  • Improved management of availability to increase efficiency with addressing sync issues [feature #487]

May 2022 New features and fixes

  • Ability to set a timeslot status for simplified awareness between coordinators [feature #411]
    • Timeslots can be locked to prevent editing based on this status
  • Enhanced the filtering/searching when executing a Payment Run Cycles or searching for Payment records [feature #405]

April 2022 New features and fixes

  • Classify a day as a sub-category of the competition, and ability to override at individual field. Payment rules consider the classification. [feature #394]
  • UX Improvements to Intelligent Appointments, Deleting/Clearing appointments or draw to reduce errors in selecting timeslots that have occurred [feature #410]
  • Improvements to the check-in/out workflow and ability to launch from home page [feature #402]
  • Match coach portal now has fixture grid to simplify adding feedback [feature #383]
  • Reduce possibility of deleting a day’s configuration which has been completed by introducing extra confirmation steps [feature #387]
  • General UX improvements for mobile display [feature #384 #398]

March 2022 New features and fixes

  • Copy payment rule into new rule to simplify workflow [feature #368]

Feb 2022 New features and fixes

  • Security layer improvements

Dec 2021 New features and fixes

  • Match official coaching portal BETA release [feature #338]
    • Search for feedback
    • Record feedback
    • Appoint coaches to matches
  • Match official ability to search for feedback [feature #346]
  • Minor fixes to member import workflows [bug #301]

Nov 2021 New features and fixes

  • Access to competition features is disabled when Participant role is removed
    • User experience was greatly improved in these situations
  • Improvements to Payment Rules for Match Official and Match Coaches to improve scale and complexity support
  • Merge/Transfer Member feature to simplify the processing of duplicate member registrations
  • Availability user experience greatly improved with Load Previous and Load Next buttons
  • Competition Info page now lists all the member registrations for the current SportsM8 account and appropriate feature buttons based on their permissions.
  • Payment records set to Paid will warn when being edited
  • Improved bulk email support across the platform
  • Major overhaul of backend engine that supports Match Official Appointment response processing to improve scalability
  • Other minor bug fixes

Oct 2021 New features and fixes

  • Added customizable messages on competition member registration, check-in and check-out
  • Intelligent Appointments supports field specific rules (e.g. Match Official must have “this” registration info attribute)
  • Configurable option to Hide the match official “buddy/partner” list from match officials
  • Improved My Appointments user experience when re-authentication (login) is required
  • Payment exports now include member phone, email and registration info fields
  • Improved admin user experience when saving member payment info
  • Availability moved from the member registration to own page in support for social competitions over short/weekend competitions
  • Competition Days are sorted correctly by scheduled date, even when added out of sequence
  • MySideline draw import improved with data sorted by date/time and fields. Filter to current selected date. Simplifies the import process.
  • Bug fix where unpaid match payments were reported in UTC0 rather than competition time zone offset
  • Major overhaul of backend engine for competition configuration options
  • Other minor bug fixes

Sept 2021 New features and fixes

  • Export member data to CSV for custom reporting or bulk updates
  • Added toolbars for improved UX over bulky buttons on Manage Members, Match Schedule Admin and Payment Search
  • Competition Admin and Match Schedule portals now generally available
  • Ability to set and sync Default Intelligent Appointment Allowed Divisions across members
  • Export Match Schedule & Appointments in plaintext, designed for Social Media post
  • Important background and code optimization
  • UI improvements for mobile devices

Aug 2021 New features and fixes

  • Payment and banking information collection
  • Financial institute export of Payment information (ABA File or CSV)
  • Added My Competitions list to SportsM8 Competitions Portal home page
  • Added Admin and Payment Portal links to the My Competitions lists
  • Improved Accessibility of the home page
  • New Competition config setting ‘Auto lock availability for past days’
  • Improvements to Season Scheduler workflow logic
  • On Comp Registration and Member Edit pages hide availability for past days by default
  • Improved date text in Match Schedule Admin drop down selector
  • General bug fixes

July 2021 New features and fixes

  • Intelligent appointments logic improvements
  • Kiosk view
  • 3rd Party (MySideline) integration enhancements
  • Report printing improvements
  • Competition Day edit logic improvements
  • Data type improvements for Day configuration fields
  • Simplify Comp Admins method to link member to SportsM8 account
  • Improved logic for availability to match schedule matching

May 2021 New features and fixes

  • Competition check-in (new feature)
  • Import draw from 3rd party system MySideline (new feature)
  • Quickly add new timeslots (new feature)
  • Edit existing timeslot scheduled date & time (new feature)
  • Score card printing (preview)
  • Framework upgrades to maintain browser support
  • Parent/Guardian member registration support
  • Match Schedule Change Log (auditing)
  • SportsM8 banding updates
  • Other bug fixes

March 2021

  • Competition Day management updates
  • Season Scheduler (new feature)
  • Payment Portal (new feature)
  • Competition Admin portal (preview)

Jan 2021

  • Match Official teams

Oct 2020

  • Match Official suggestions
  • Match appointment acknowledgement

Nov 2019

  • Intelligent appointments
  • Reporting improvements

Oct 2018

The SportsM8 team has been busy adding the following features:

  • User registration
  • Entity management
  • Competition management/search
  • Match Official management
  • Match Official availability recording
  • Participant contact database
  • Member invites
  • Role based security
  • … plus many more