SportsM8 provides the ability to integrate with financial institutes through data exports. We currently provide the following file formats

  • ABA
  • CSV
  • Xero (currently in preview)


  • Configured the financial integration settings for the individual competition
  • Each member has provided/configured their banking information

This article will focus on the required configuration for financial integration.

Integration configuration

From the Payment Portal menu select “Financial Integration Configuration” to manage the settings that control the integration with financial institutes.

This includes the following fields:

Field Data Type Length Description
Financial Institute Text 3 The bank who the payroll file will be submitted to (e.g. ABA file). An unofficial list of Australian bank codes is hosted on wikipedia. If your code is not provided in our drop down please contact support.
Account Name Text 26 The name of the account as registered with the financial institute
Bank User Id Number 6 The unique identifier (number) of your account with the financial institute. Different to the account number. Typically supplied in the header of the ABA file.
BSB Number 6 or 7 with hyphen The Bank, State, Branch number of the financial institute your account belongs to
Account Number Number 9 The account number to process the payroll account against

The following ABA specific configuration is also available:

Field Data Type Length Description
Default transaction code Number 2 This is the transaction code to define the type of transaction. Typically 50.
Default Reference Text 18 This is the lodgement reference text supplied to describe the transaction. (e.g. ‘Payroll’, ‘Umpire Pay’)

configuration screen shot

YouTube video coming soon


The ABA file spec which provides more details on the fields and formating, can be found at https://www.cemtexaba.com/aba-format/cemtex-aba-file-format-details

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