This article will cover the process for running a payment cycle. This process triggers the system to look for any unpaid (unreconciled) match appointments during the date range and then create payment records for each individual containing those match payments. This allows for bulk processing of payments.

When running the payment cycle you can select the payment method that should be used.

You can also select the Payment Status, we recommend setting this to Generated as this gives you a good way of identifying the records to do some validation or further processing as explained in the complete process below.

The payment cycle is targeted at competition finance roles is typically used in the following ways:

  • At the completion of a 1-5 day competition to process all the payments. You may also choose to process this each day once the match appointments are verified all changes complete
  • At regular intervals throughout a season competition (e.g. every 2 weeks)

Run Payment Cycle

  1. Navigate to the Payment Portal > Run Payment Cycle
  2. Select the dates to process for, you may choose to run each competition day individually or just process the whole competition in one run
  3. Set the Payment Status and Payment Method appropriately. Recommend Status=Generated and Method=EFT.
  4. Click the Generate Payments button
  5. Navigate to the Payment Portal > Search
  6. Search for the payment records you just generated (adjust the dates and filters)
  7. Use the Data Export (bottom of page) to save the data as CSV. More info here.
  8. Import the CSV into Excel and analyse the data to make sure payments are correct and bank information is complete.

Marking Payments as processed and exporting for data processing

  1. Following on from above steps
  2. Return to the Payment Search, re-run the search if needed.
  3. From the result select the payment records you will process for payment based on your data validation above
  4. Select the Bulk Edit button and change the status to Processed for Payment, click Update Records
  5. Using the Search, find the items you want to export for payment. Should be by filtering for just Processed for payment status.
  6. Use the Data Export (bottom of page) to save the data as CSV or ABA as appropriate. More info here.
  7. Make the payments using your financial system
  8. Once payment is confirmed, return to the Payment Search, find the items you have paid.
  9. Select all the payment items as appropriate. Click the Bulk Edit button and change the status to Paid. Click Update Records.
  10. [Optional] Email the remittance advice to the members

Exporting ABA file

The next step after generating the payment records is to export the files for processing. Further information available here.

Processing match official payments

The following video is part of our Tournament Run Sheet best practices series. It is provided here for reference.