Competitions Management

This article is targeted at the competition administrators and coordinators. For general competition help click here.

As a competition administrator or coordinator you will be able to use the SportsM8 features to complete many of the tasks to run a successful competition.

Due to the complex nature of coordinating a competition please refer to the following child articles:

For a general overview of navigating the Competition Admin portal, please watch this video.

Troubleshooting: Common mistakes

The following are some common mistakes and may help you troubleshoot any issues you have.

Scenario #1: When changing Competition Config, the expected behavior is different to what you expect. If you work in multiple tabs this can be common.

  • Solution: Make sure you fully refresh the page (F5)
  • Example: You change the default availability flag for a particular day, then import/edit members but the availability does not reflect that new setting.

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