Competition Member Administration

This article is targeted at the competition administrators and coordinators. For general competition help click here.

As a competition administrator or coordinator you can manage many aspects of competition members. To access the Manage Member section, from the Competition Admin portal, select Manage Members in the navigation menu.


Here are the most common scenarios you can perform from this section:

  • Searching for members
  • Updating member details
  • Payment processing
  • In-App Messaging
  • Viewing member specific appointments
  • Updating availability
  • Importing members
  • Exporting members
  • Reporting/Exporting member details

Member roles

Members permissions are controlled by a number of roles. These can only be edited and assigned by an existing member with the Competition Admin role for that competition, or our SportsM8 support team. The following table summarizes the roles and what permissions they grant.

Role Access Level Description
Participant Low This is the minimum role to provide access to the competition. This role is assigned by default when members register for a competition. Removing this role will prevent the member from accessing any of the competition information and features, effectively deleting the member but also preventing them from re-registering.
Match Official Low This role indicates that the member is a Match Official (aka Referee). In the future this role will be required to provide the member access to certain Match Official features
Match Official Mentor Low This role indicates the member is a mentor for match officials. The member will have a reduced level of gated access to the Match Official Coaching portal than what a Match Official Coach role assignment provides. The member will not have the ability to make changes to appointments or match schedule, nor will they be able to search for the complete history of coaching feedback for members.
Match Official Coach Low This role indicates the member is a coach for match officials and provides gated access to the Match Official Coaching portal. The member will not have the ability to make changes to appointments or match schedule. They will be able to search for coaching feedback and enter feedback against match officials.
Match Official Coach Coordinator Medium This role indicates the member is the coordinator for match official coaches. It provides gated access to the Match Official Coaching portal. The member will have the ability to appoint coaches to matches but not make any other appointment changes. The member also has the ability to configure the coaching forms, view all match feedback entered by match official coaches.
Playing Team Delegate Low This role indicates that this member is responsible for managing a playing team. In addition to granting this role the member must be linked to the teams for which they are the delegate for and managing. They will have the ability to record the scores their teams played and any other features available in the Playing Team portal.
Comp Admin High This is the most powerful role. It allows the member complete access to all aspects of the competition. This should be distributed to only a few members
Comp Coordinator Medium This role provides access to a subset of features that the Comp Admin role does. In many ways it provides access to the feature but with reduced functionality (i.e. access to the match schedule but no ability to delete the schedule/appointments). It is intended for members who are providing coordination of the competition and appointing match officials to games
Comp Finance Medium Similar to the coordinator role in that it provides a subset of functionality to the comp admin, but is targeted towards members who facilitate the financial role within an organization (e.g. processing payments, etc)

Should you experience any issues or accidentally remove all administrators from a competition please contact our support team.

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