Competition Day / Season Scheduler

This article is targeted at the competition administrators.

A competition span 1 or multiple days, which can be held over a weekend or multiple weeks. We provide multiple options for creating and managing the days configuration. These features are accessible through the Competition Admin Portal.

Permissions required for this feature are either Competition Admin.

There are two main methods for creating and managing the day configuration:

  • Individually per day
  • Season Scheduler


This feature allows you to add/edit a competition day on an individual basis. Most common scenario is a single day competition, or small number of days where the configuration of each day is vastly different.

Season Scheduler

This feature is designed to allow you to bulk add multiple days where the configuration of each day is very similar. Most common scenario would be a competition run over multiple weeks playing 1 or more nights per week, with a similar start times, # of timeslots, intervals between timeslots, and fields. Once scheduled you can then edit each day to made modifications specific to that day.

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