Match Schedule Config

This article is targeted at the competition administrators and coordinators. For general competition help click here.

This article covers the configuration of the match schedule. For details on match appointments see Match Official Appointments.

The Match Schedule Admin is extremely powerful and depending on your permissions will determine exactly what features you can access.

Add a new timeslot to an existing match schedule

There are two methods for adding a timeslot to an existing match schedule and each has different benefits

IMPORTANT: Remember to update the competition member availability after any changes to either the day configuration or match schedule that impact the start, finish, or intervals of timeslots.

Alter the competition day configuration

By editing the configuration of the competition day and changing the start time, timeslot count, or intervals as needed. For example increment the timeslot interval, then leverage the Match Schedule Generate feature (without selecting override) and this will add the new timeslot to the match schedule.

For details about editing a competition day configuration.

Add an ad hoc timeslot to an existing match schedule

If your competition day is already underway you may need to quickly add a new timeslot. For example there may have been inclement weather or injuries which required adjustments to the match schedule. See below to change the time of an existing time slot.

Simply click the Add Timeslot button and then confirm you want to add the timeslot. The following actions occur when you click this button:

  • The time is set from adding the timeslot interval from the competition day configuration to the time of the last timeslot on the day.
  • The fields and other configuration is taken from the first timeslot in the days schedule
  • The timeslot’s number (i.e. primary key) is set to the next incremental number

You can then proceed to fill out or import the draw, and assign match officials. Should you need to change the time of the timeslot leverage the edit functionality below.

Edit the date/time of a timeslot

We provide the functionality to edit the date or time of a timeslot. This may be useful in scenarios such as inclement weather or injuries which required adjustments to the match schedule.

While you can change the scheduled date of the timeslot this should only be changed in extreme scenarios. For example in the rare case where there has been a data error during other processing and the date is invalid. This date MUST always match the associated competition day’s date, otherwise unexpected behavior is highly likely.

When changing the timeslot time this will allow you to effectively “reschedule” the timeslot within the same competition date. This has been designed for the following circumstances:

  • Inclement weather or injuries which required adjustments to the match schedule
  • Adding a new timeslot which has a different interval or start time to the rest of the days configuration. For example

    • Some competitions will have a lunch break which throws out the remainder of the scheduled timeslots and so they need adjusting.
    • Finals matches may have extra time allowed as intervals for drawn matches etc.