Match Appointments

This article is targeted at the competition administrators and coordinators. For general competition help click here.

As a competition administrator or coordinator you can manage the match appointments through the Match Schedule Admin screen. To access the Match Schedule Admin section, from the Competition page, click Match Schedule Admin.

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The Match Schedule Admin is extremely powerful and depending on your permissions will determine exactly what features you can access.

Here are the most common scenarios you can perform from this section:

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Intelligent Appointments


For details on how to “profile” a match official based on the divisions that they will be targeted towards by the Intelligent Appointments. Please see this additional documentation.

Suggest Match Official [Preview Feature]

We have recently added a preview feature for suggesting Match Officials. Built on the same engine that powers our Intelligent Appointments, this feature is useful when you want more granular control over the specific match official appointed. Most importantly this is a great feature when you have had a withdrawl or need to replace a match official as you can see who the system would recommend based on the choose criteria and then select the official.

After generating the suggestions, if you move to another match in the same time slot and with the same division, the suggestions will be retained so that you can quickly fill multiple gaps.

  1. On the Match Schedule Admin page
  2. Edit the Time Slot and Field you wish to add a match official to
  3. Click the Suggest button.
  4. Fill out the criteria (see the Intelligent Appointments criteria for more details)
  5. Select the appropriate match official(s) from the suggestion

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