Match Schedule Scenario - Add a new time slot to existing match schedule

This article is targeted at the competition administrators and coordinators.

This article specifically addresses the scenario where “you have an existing match schedule and you need to add a new time slot to that match schedule”.

The assumption of this guidance is that the time slot naturally progresses after the current last time slot in the existing match schedule.

Step 1: Add a new time slot to an existing match schedule

  1. Navigate to the Match Schedule Admin page within the Competition Admin portal
  2. Select the competition day
  3. Click the Add time slot button and then confirm you want to add a time slot. The following actions are occur when you add a new time slot:
    • The time is set from adding the time slot interval from the competition day configuration to the time of the last time slot on the day.
    • The fields and other configuration is taken from the first time slot in the days schedule
    • The time slots number (i.e. primary key) is set to the next incremental number
  4. Reload the match schedule to get the changes with the new time slot
  5. Import the draw and make other changes as needed

Step 2: Synchronize the availability for the new time slot

  1. You will need to update the Availability to ensure that all members have this new time slot. Navigate to “Match Schedule > Manage Availability”
  2. Select the competition day that you added the new time slot to
  3. You should see many members with availability errors
  4. Use the filters at the bottom to exclude the healthy records from search results. Search again if you do.
  5. Click the “All” button to select all the members with availability errors
  6. Click the green “Synchronize availability for selected members” button
  7. Click “yes” when prompted
  8. Wait and review the bulk update message
  9. Click search again to ensure that no members are returned. If members are returned repeat those steps to sync the availability.

Leverage the new time slot

  1. Return to the Match Schedule Admin and select the competition day.
  2. Make any further changes as needed to the match schedule and appointments

NOTE: These steps does not update the competition day interval count number and therefore if the match schedule is deleted and regenerated it will be missing this additional time slot. You can avoid this by als incrementing the interval count property of the competition day.