Checklist to a successful Competition

The following lists are provided as recommendations based on our experiences and our customers experiences in running competitions. This is certainly not a mandator or complete list as that varies from competition to competition.

This article is targeted at the competition admin and competition coordinator.


  • Check your facilities will have sufficient space to coordinate from
  • Check your facilities have ample WiFi for Internet connectivity or an alternative is available (WiFi HotSpot/tethering)
  • Create your competition in SportsM8
  • Open the registrations at required time
  • Communicate with your target members to advertise your competition

For the competition

  • Adequate networking components to connect to the internet
  • Laptop or tablets for performing coordination activities. We recommend laptop or all-in-ones for primary coordinators.
  • Monitors or TV Screens for displaying information to members
  • Printer for reports, payment slips, etc

Next Steps

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