Match Schedule Change Log

This article is targeted at the competition administrators and coordinators. For general competition help click here.

As a competition administrator or coordinator you can record a change log (or audit) when making changes to the Match Official appointments through Match Schedule Admin screen. You can access the Match Schedule Admin feature, from the Competition Admin portal.

Recording your change log / audit

When making changes to the Match Officials appointed to a game you may want to record why the change is being made. Most common example for this usage is when the match official did not show up and was replaced and you want to record a note and audit for future evidence in the event of any dispute over payment or other.

To record the change log entry, when editing a Time Slot on the Match Schedule Admin, check the box Log changes with reason which will enable the text box. Simply record your note in the text box. When you click Save this will also record the audit entry, make sure the green “Logged” text is shown at the end of the text box to indicate success.

NOTE: The note you record applies to all changes being saved at that time.

Reporting on change log / audit

To report on the recorded change select the Change log menu option from Match Schedule admin menu section of the Competition Admin menu.